A personal summary just to catch you up on my life Pt 1

Honestly I don’t know how for this little blogging venture of mine will go, but I’m just trying it out to see how i feel about it….

Okay so to start off I’m a 18-year-old black girl from Texas. 20170210_054852000_iOSI’m an only child and my dad died when i was 11 years old. My parents were never married and growing up I’ve never had the average family home. I’ve always dreamed of waking up to both of my parents or even just being in the car with both of my parents and I’ve always wanted brothers and sisters, because let’s face it being an only child can get quite boring at times.

Okay y’all here is where the real story is lol. My school life. First and foremost let me start off by saying that I suck at school. Now on the social meter at school, that’s where all of my problems came in at. I was quite popular and Omg I feel so awkward saying that because i feel like just to say those few words means that I’m bragging BUT trust me I am not. Yeah at school I was popular but not for the reasons that you might be thinking. I wasn’t the girl who all the guys hit on, I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school. I was the girl that everyone and I mean EVERYONE could abuse verbally and make jokes about because they know i wouldn’t fight them or i wouldn’t cry about it. (in front of them at least). I was the girl you could say or do whatever you wanted too and you didn’t have to worry because you knew i wasnt gonna do anything but constantly laugh and pretend that I’m fine